Surfing G-land in Plengkung Beach
Surfing in Plengkung Beach (G-land)

Craving for Adventure Travel in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

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Let’s go adventure travel Banyuwangi! Located at the easternmost tip of Java, Banyuwangi Regency offers a host of fantastic attractions in Indonesia. Whether it’s an adrenaline rush, you need or just a quiet moment to enjoy spectacular nature and exotic local culture, treat yourself to an exciting holiday, Indonesian style. Book now for a vacation you won’t forget.

sulfur mining in Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi
sulfur mining in Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi, image By © Sémhur / Wikimedia Commons

Red Island Beach

You will be taken to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Red Islands as well as a wave of beautiful waves. It is suitable for those of you who want to try adrenaline by surfing. The sea, beach, and sandy beaches of small islands will make you feel like you are in the paradise of Indonesia.

As a leading tourist destination in Banyuwangi, located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District, Red Island Beach, known locally as Pulau Merah, is a tranquil beach in a secluded bay surrounded by lush hills and mountains. Located approximately 60 km from downtown Banyuwangi towards the south.

This beach was once called beach Ringin Pitu before dubbed as the Red Island beach. Two source versions reinforce the name of the red island beach on this beach. The first because the color of the soil is reddish.

Red Island Beach Banyuwangi
Red Island Beach

While the second version because it was formerly from the red island in front of a beach that is located approximately 100 meters, was once red light so that eventually citizens named the red island beach. Not only that which is unique to this beach, the existence of a beautiful green hill that is located opposite the beach to be a wonderful combination of scenery. The more interesting we can reach this island when the water receded, just by walking just 100 meters away from the beach.

It offers the best sunsets in East Java, and beach breaks that are perfect for beginner surfers. Supposedly, the beach takes its name from the color of the oxidized rock islet in the middle of the bay. Another version is the pink-tinged color of the sand. Being just 60 kilometers south of the town of Banyuwangi, or a 2,5-hour drive by car, it’s also easy to experience some of the local attractions, such as Banyuwangi’s Gandrung Dance. Scheduled performances are available

ljen Blue Fire

A ljen volcano complex is a group of composite volcanoes within a 20-kilometer wide caldera. This fascinating volcano has a one-kilometer-wide turquoise-colored acidic crater lake. Around the lake, sulfur vents spew yellow molten sulfur which miners haul by the basketful. As evening falls, watch an amazing after the dark show. Take a two-hour hike up to the rim of the crater, then after scaling down the crater walls for more than half an hour, witness electric-blue flames, which are ignited sulphuric gas emerging from cracks at temperatures up to 600°Celsius (1, 1120° Fahrenheit). The flames can reach 5 meters high. It is said to be the largest blue flame area in the world.

From the world, there are two areas which have the Blue Fire. In addition to Indonesia, there’s also a fire in Iceland. Fire is currently happening because of the warmth of Ijen combined to produce the impact of blue flame on the surface’s crater. This phenomenon could be viewed before sunrise.

Ijen Blue Fire
Ijen Blue Fire


Trekking into the summit of Mount Ijen to watch blue fire began at midnight (around 1:00 dawn) of Pos Paltuding (the last post for all the Ijen crater tour to do the climb) with a long climb to the crater of Mount Ijen 1.5 to 2 hours hiking and so far 3 km.

At sunrise, tourists may see Ijen crater lake. Lake formed by a volcanic eruption has turquoise water very beautiful. Ijen crater lake is a pond which is the largest volcanic lake in the world and has a high acidity. With an area of over 5000 hectares and a thickness of around 200 meters.

The best time to climb Mount Ijen is around May to October, when the early morning before the morning, in the dry season. It is an adventure travel Banyuwangi, Indonesia.

Surfing G-land

Situated about 53 kilometers south of Banyuwangi, in the easternmost tip of Java, G-Land, also known as Plengkung Beach, is a world-class surf break on Grajagan Bay. The very long, barreling wave breaking along the east side of Grajagan Bay is considered one of the world’s best left-hand waves and several surf camps readily cater to visiting surfers. Grajagan’s unique attraction also lies in the combination of rolling ocean waves and dense forest bordering the beach.

As the best beach destination with great roll waves. Even many surfers of the world dub this beach waves Plengkung as “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder.” Indeed waves on the Plengkung beach or better-known G-land is gorgeous. In decorating with the charm of nature tourism presented is a vast expanse of beach and exotic. The forest groves are still stunning and natural. Various wildlife flora and fauna can we see here.

Surfing G-land in Plengkung Beach
Surfing in Plengkung Beach (G-land)

Plengkung Beach is one of the best surf beaches in the world and a haven for local and international surfers. The waves on this beach can reach a height of 4-8 meters with wavelengths can reach two kilometers. Beaches with this characteristic exist only in some countries, such as Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa.

On the Plengkung beach is also often held world-level surfing competition, one of which is the Pro Surfing Championship Quiksilver. This championship took place in 1995, 1996 and 1997. To be able to enjoy the waves on this beach, please visit the month from July to September every year because in that month the waves on this beach are the best and most beautiful.

The facilities available at the beach location are also quite adequate. There is also a surfboard rental for those of you who do not carry it. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset at this beach. If lucky, you can see the folk culture of the performing arts in Alas Purwo National Park which can be accessed by canoe.

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